Highlight: Full production ready to go in a matter of hours. Read more below but in short we’re a RED Scarlet W, full lighting, full audio, full grip/electric, production company willing to do everything from pitch specific ideas to handle running camera, lights, or audio on someone else’s project. Just shoot me an email ( at thedwalt@gmail.com is the fastest ) and we’ll make it happen.


Red Scarlet W

Tilta A1 Cage with base extension

Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k

Full set Rockinon DS prme EF

Really Right Stuff carbon fiber tripod

Manfrotto Nitrotech fluid head

Teradek SDI wireless video transmitter/receiver

Nucleus M wireless follow focus

Atomos Sumo 19” on-set monitor


Arri Skypanel S60

2x Westcott 1x2 crossfade LED panel

1x Westcott 1x2 RGB LED panel

Westcott 1x1 crossfade LED panel

1x Aputure 300d II

4x 6’ Quasar Science crossfade tube

2x 2’ Quasar Science crossfade tube

6x Quasar Science 1’, 2’, and 4’ QLion battery powered

Arri fresnels: 350W, 2x 150W

4’x4’ frame with silks, diffusion, bounce


Dana Dolly and stands

20’x20’ digital bright Green/Blue screen

12’x12’ digital bright Green/Blue screen

10’x10’ digital bright Green/Blue screen

grip, clamps, mounts for green screen sets

15x C stands

20 Sandbags


Heavy duty haze machine

Smaller haze machine


Sennheiser MKH60 shotgun w Rycote blimp (shotgun)

Sennheiser MKH50 w/ Rycote support (cardiod indoor boom)

Lectrosonic Super miniature transmitter

Lectrosonic 411 receiver

2x DPA 4060 lav

Mix Pre 6

2x Sennheiser G3 transmitter/receivers

Accessory bag (overcoats, moleskin, tape, clips, pins, etc)

2x Zoom H6n

Ultimate Ears Mix/monitor in-ear monitors

2x Beyerdynamic 770 headphones


Mac Pro (trashcan)

Samsung SSD’s working drives

80TB Synology RAID (backup)

Pro Tools 12

plugins: Waves Diamond, Izotope RX noise reduction, Waves X and Z noise, WLM+, Sound Toys, Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate Studio, Autotune, API, Classic comps, 

Apogee Quartet interface

Event Opal 8” studio monitors

Mackie 8’s studio monitors

Universal Audio 4-710d mic pres

Black Lion B173

2x Black Lion Auteur

2x Black Lion B12

Warm Audio 273-EQ/mic pre

Warm Audio WA2A comp

2x 48 point patch bay


Komplete Kontrol 49 key

Kemper modeling profiler

Novation Peak Synth

Dave Smith Prophet rev2

Korg Volca’s

Moog Mother 32


JDXI synth

Dozens of pedals (Strymon, JHS, Zvex..)

Fender and Vox tube amps

Fender strat, Fender tele, PRS, and Dano electrics

Fender P bass and Dano bass guitars


Shure Ksm44

2x Shure Sm7b w/ cloudlifters

AKG 414

2x Shure 137

2x AKG D112

4x SM57

2x beta 58

2x Cascade Fathead ribbons

2x Shure beta 56a


Nikon D4

Nikon D3

Nikon D750

Profoto B1


Nikon and Sigma Art glass